I believe that each one of us has all we really need. Sometimes, the layers of life combined with echoes of our losses can erode our understanding of ourselves.  The Prosperous Heart by Julia Cameron provided a tickling within my brain to develop a fused glass abundance stone.

Each abundance stone is as unique as we are. They may be cut from the same piece of glass, but the heat of the kiln changes them. Three copper hearts are fused within each abundance stone. They fit in the palm of your hand to remind you of your gift. They fit within your pocket for you to touch if you feel the tension begin to rise. They can sit upon a table for you to find joy.

Pink abundance stones are available in the United Kingdom exclusively at www.createavity.com

Green abundance stones are available in the United States exclusively from us!

Purchase your Abundance Stone for $20 (including post & packaging)

The abundance stones were first created in pink to honor Callie Carling, a breast cancer warrior goddess. She is not only a cancer survivor, but an amazing woman who is a technological wizard and an ARTbundance creativity/transformation coach. Between my writing and art, she encouraged me to self-publish a poetry book. "Only with collaboration", I told her. This is our second collaboration, an opportunity for two artisans to share with the world that we all are filled with abundance.

You can see, and read about, my fused glass process here:

A personal message from Carol:
I can’t remember a time in my life when I did not create. My parents and grandparents told stories about my creative ventures in Memphis crossing streets and climbing on top of buildings before I was two. Entering public school at age five, I won first place in the first grade poetry contest.  My pencils were used for drawing and writing. The next year, I discovered the piano. Music, writing, and art have always been integral to exploration of my existence.

I play with glass. I find that glass teaches me with each firing. To be able to create with colored glass is exciting.  Fused glass is like life, you never know what to expect.

When I begin a piece of glass jewelry, I ponder what I will be doing. I look at the glass and think about colors. As I cut pieces, I am aware of the layering of the glass. Often the glass recreates itself within the kiln. The heat creates something completely different from anything I could have imagined.

I create each day whether it is glass, paper, cloth, fibers, paint, music, or writing. It is the layering of my life.