Mountain Moments Poetry

Mountain Moments Seasons

"... Poetry invites us to change the pace and timing at which we read, inviting us to slow down to meditate and reflect on the ideas presented.  I also made the decision to include a lot of art and imagery throughout the book, giving readers a place rest their eyes and hearts, processing concepts on a subconscious, non-linear level.

Carol Moore's beautiful collection of "Mountain Moments" combines both words and art to create this effect.  Within just a few lines, we are invited into her world, and time itself changes scent, color, and texture. This is a world of stillness and softness, a welcome antithesis to the throngs of social messages telling us that "working hard" is how we achieve success and happiness. 

Mountain Moments invite us into a world punctuated by the gifts of nature and the whispers of soul.  What makes it even more powerful is that this is not just an idealistic world conjured by a gifted writer; this is, in fact, Carol's true world: the essence of what she lives, sees, and experiences daily in her life in the mountains, dazzlingly distilled for us. The authenticity of the images is what sets this collection apart in a unique way."

~ Marney K. Makridakis, author of 'Creating Time', founder of ArtellaLand

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