Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow and Orchids

 Snow, snow, and more snow with an additional four inches last night. This mound of snow is right outside the studio door. The corner is the path Ray has shoveled out for us to walk penguin style to the car avoiding slipping. We had 19 inches on Saturday. Schools and colleges are closed. Some roads get plowed some don't. Mail hasn't been delivered in over a week. Fed Ex and UPS have come most days.
                           A rather large snow plate that almost seems blue in all the snow.
 I am a gardener inside and outside. Thought I would share a view with you that I see from the table. It is a window filled with my orchids and cyclamen. The little  hand blown glass bird is from a trip we took to England. The round glass was a gift from our children. You can see the green house and the outside porch all covered in snow.
 Orchids are relatively new to me. I have been taking care of them for about two years now. I have learned after losing several they like to be misted. I actually spray all our houseplants everyday with water that is room temperature.
 After talking to my brother in law Monroe and my friend Fiona, I now water the orchids really well about every two weeks. This is a very special little orchid. She bloomed after being dormant. These are the new flowers and blooms. She is very tiny and enjoys being near the window.
 Cyclamen have their own way of telling me when they need to be watered. We have only one that is four years old. The others were purchased at a Valentine's Day clearance. They do really make you smile as you look upon the table filled with flowers in this snow.
 The view outside the studio window with birds patiently waiting for their turns at the feeders. The cardinal is almost breathtaking red against the snow and dark colors of the woods.
Another view of the cardinal with the snow covered roof of the house and one of the little houses in the yard. Our road is covered in snow this morning. The studio is a busy place with glass being cut to create flowers and jewelry. Under all of this snow are the green shoots of daffodils waiting with more patience than I have. ~

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Butterfly Emerged While Snow Fell

January has been a very cold month for many of the days. Snow has fallen frequently, but not staying around for days at a time. Just this week, I noticed something on french doors, windows really looking out onto the mountains from the kitchen. There was a very small butterfly.
 As cold as it was, we decided to keep the doors closed. The small butterfly stayed near the windows all daylong. As the sun began to fade, the butterfly left the window. It is cold in January.
             We have not seen the butterfly since it emerged when the snow fell.
 The photos were taken by my husband with my Cannon Digital EFS camera. When I cropped the photos on Picassa, I was amazed to see the reflection of the butterfly on the glass door.

                                       I hope this little butterfly brings you joy on this January day. ~

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dichroic Beads and Imagine

 This large bead is a dichroic bead made from dichroic glass. Several of the beads on this necklace are fused glass beads. There are some interesting beads on this necklace that are iridescent on one side and black on the other. Being a creative collector, I have lots of different things in the studio including beads.
 An imagine gold plated charm on a crystal bracelet seems to shine.
The center bead is dichroic as well as the second bead to the right and the left. The 4th, 5th, and 6th beads are the glass iridescent beads. Finished with a vintaje finding. Waiting for a new home... ~

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Adventures in Fused Glass

 One of the many reasons I really enjoy creating with glass is you are never quite sure of how glass will fuse. These two pieces are from the same piece of dichroic glass. They are turned in opposite ways. The blue green on the right side of e left fused glass is the same as the red on the right fused glass piece.
 The large square is dichroic glass on black bullseye glass. The earrings are the same glass with clear glass on the top.
               These will become a necklace and earrings. Imagine these in the sunshine.
 I often will fused copper cutouts in my glass. The glass on the lower left has a bubble inside the heart. The one on the right has no bubbles. The pendant has a few bubbles. Once there was a bubble right where an eye would have been on a bird.
 This is the same piece photographed at two different angles. It was a piece of dichroic with designs in black on the glass. I recently glued it to a small copper charm. What does the design look like to you? ~