Monday, June 24, 2019

Summer Flowers ~

What's growing in your garden?
Inside one of the older orchids is blooming and continues to surprise us with lots of blossoms.
 On the upper deck of the house, I have been adding some flowers to attract pollinators.

The petunias are especially enjoyed by the hummingbirds. The silver plant is curry. The large green leaves and orange blossoms are nasturtiums grown from seed.
 I grow lavender from seed in the green house. This year, it has been very healthy. These plants are three varieties of lavender I was not familiar with. I grow a lot of lavender in pots as our area is so wet. I will plant mumstead in the garden that has lots of stones and sunlight.
 This amazing begonia was purchased from the Four Seasons Greenhouse in Big Stone Gap.
 Feverfew is growing in several places in the gardens. This feverfew has a visitor.

Rarely will a day lily survive in our gardens due to the deer. This year a few have actually survived. This is the area near the woods and one of the gardens with large ferns and few flowers.
                   This bee balm is just about as tall as I am and enjoying this wet weather.
                                  St. John's Wort that travels down the mountainside.
 Thyme grows at the base of a tree with some very interesting native plants.

 A very small wildflower in the dianthus family grows amid the grass and violets.

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