Monday, April 12, 2010

Art Class

I had the opportunity to travel to Saluada, North Carolina on Saturday to take an art class with Louise McClure. It was my first art class in the new Random Arts studio. Jane Powell is so amazing, if you have the opportunity, a trip to Saluada and a class at Random Arts is one of the best art classes offered in the country. From 10 - 3, we were to make six charms. We did. I did leave a little after three.
This is the result of this amazing class. Live is covered in mica, the one above is a metal charm with UTE to cover the papers, the next one is actually glass embossed and enclosed in a charm, the leaf is shrink plastic, the motehr and child is a bezel with the UTE the three at the bottom are papers covered in gel medium with a 1/16 inch grommet. The one above is actually mica covering a dragon. This is use of a photo transparency.
I learned do not bring photo paper copies. These dissolve in the gel medium.
Louise was a patient, calm, reassuring teacher.
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  1. Hey Carol
    What a great collection of charms! I am so happy that you had a good time here at Random Arts in Louise's workshop and a big thanks to you for "talking us up" on your new blog. Just wait and see how magical a blog can be. Have fun with it.
    thanks again,