Saturday, July 31, 2010

Humming Birds

The hummingbirds started swarming last week. They are devouring a feeder and one half each day. We have two feeders on our upper deck overlooking the mountains.
We have not been able to count them as they fly so quickly. Once we got up to fifteen and then it seemed like the birds tripled in number flying in from the woods.
The other birds stay away from the feeders closeby. The small downey woodpeckers just can't seem to get to the suet with all the hummers flying in and out.
One flew up to the camera lens. As I clicked, it flew away. I was as close to the hummers as you probably are to your computer screen.
Amazing way to begin the day.
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  1. I love this !! humming birds are so beautiful, they defy science with their wings flapping as fast as they do :)) I love your blog also:)