Saturday, July 17, 2010

Spider Lily

Taking a walk through the garden, I was amazed to discover the spider lily. Early in the spring, I had purchased the bulbs at Walmart. Planted them. Letting nature take her time.
Yesterday, my grandchild and I decided to take flower pictures. We are creating a mixed media book for the photos. We painted the cardboard pages. These were shaped books from Michaels I had purchased for a dollar. She choose the flower. I chose a star.
We painted all five of the pages. Hers are spotted, sparkled, and vibrant. Mine are covered in papers on one side and painted on the other. After the rain, we carefully made our way outside with the camera.
Among the blue hydrangea, a transplant from my inlaws at Chapel Hill, the spider lily resides. She casts a sweet fragrance.
Pages finished, pictures taken, we decided to wait until her next week long visit to finish our books. The spider lily however glorifies the garden.
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  1. Wow, how pretty. What a fun and creative project for you and your granddaughter, too.


  2. hi sweetie! I haven't visited your blog in waaay too long. I love the project, the flower is gorgeous and it's never too young to be creative (or too old - ha.
    Hope all's well!

  3. Oh dear Carol! Awesome art and to wear it also! My birthday is today and I am 57; couldn't believe that I made it to 50 and here it is 7 years later! Congrats on your Blog; very inspirational. And although I presently do not have the time to do the fused glass (or the place), I am hoping I will in the near future! MARIA