Thursday, September 9, 2010

Adventure in Glassmaking

Adventures in glassmaking or you never know what will come out of the kiln. The two pieces on the far left with the starshape of sunshine are actually layered with a blue dichrotic glass between the black and the clear bubble piece. The top piece began as a copper foil bird in flight with confettiti and dichrotic and clear. The bottom and the two pieces to the right all have the same piece of dichrotic on top of the black. The two smaller pieces were cut exactly the same size. Keeps me continuing on this journey of creating glass. The glass seems to decide what it is going to do. Actually, in the next fusing, the glass split off the base. Always trying, the latest three pieces cooling seem to be just fine. Which is great ,because I committed to sell at the Farmer's Market on Tuesday evening.
The glass sits on my latest paper making. It is brown paper with shiney foil pieces embedded into the paper. Another batch of pulp sits waiting to be put into the blender. Paper making is a messy business to be done on a sunny afternoon. The paper hangs outside to dry.
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