Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mums waiting to be planted

While the sun was shinning, I ventured outside with Merlin, our dog at my heels. Earlier while hoping to find a ripe tomato, there were butterflies almost everywhere. After lunch, we took our around the yard and then some walk. There was a yellow swallowtail on the butterfly bush. As I approached, it flew carried by the wind. Walking to photograph the big blue butterfly bush blossom, there was a black swallowtail with the irridesence of color on the wings.
As I came up the mountain to the front of the house, there were the mums. Buying plants either at the farmer's market or greenhouse or clearance at Lowe's and Walmart, I waited patiently for the butterflies. The mums were purchased from Four Seasons Green House. The greenhouse provides jobs for adults with disabilities. These will be planted before the end of the week. All the purple ones were planted inbetween the showers yesterday.
I decided not to crop the picture as you can see my shadow in the far left corner. The wall and the steps are all part of the work created by the mason who built the house.
If you have the time and are willing, come by to help me plant these fall beauties.

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