Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blue Snowball

My grandmother enjoyed her snowball plants. She understood how to make them bluest of blue and pinkest of pink. She referred to these hydrangeas as snowballs. Her bushes were so filled with flowers their heads practically bent down to the ground. I celebrate with this new plant having two large blossoms. I admit I used blue saturation to increase the blue intensity, but it's October! The ground is chilled. The air is thick with moisture. It's downright cold. Nothing like a flower to cheer a chilled soul.
I may not have my grandmother's ability to change the colors of the plants, but through her compassion, I have grown into a gardener.
Due to the abundance of stones in our yard, as I dig, I unearth them. I border flower beds as they are planted with these stones. Frequently they are embedded with fossils. She bordered all her flower gardens and there were many with large rocks she collected on her travels across the country. I use what is available, good old mountian rock.
While you have your cup of tea or coffee on this chilled October Day, hope you remember you grandmother with the love I do. Share the stories. She'll keep creating those snowballs for years to come.
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