Sunday, October 3, 2010

Learning from Mistakes

Foggy, grey, rain dropping quietly coating everything.
I thought I would share with you how I learn from making mistakes. Actually, I just keep trying. The two pieces at the top fused very well. The two pieces at the right hand bottom are intersting. The one to the extreme right fused fine. The one next to it the dichrotic glass broke sending the clear glass off the black glass bottom. The piece to the bottom left is one with a copper foil bird layered on dichrotic base with a clear top. The foil popped the clear base and the piece broke. You can see the the clear glass kinda smeared or blobbed. The piece in the middle also did its own thing.
The circles started as one inch square black glass with dichrotic glass then a one inch clear glass topper. I am always amazed that the heat turns them into circles.
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