Monday, October 11, 2010

Needle Felting and Tea Paper

I am fascinated by art and the creative process. On Friday, a neighbor came over. She is a weaver, spinner, potter, and versatile creative woman. I asked her to teach me how to needlefelt. I bought two little purses. One came in a kit with two needles, I broke one, wool roving in a variety of colors, and some foam. I have made felted beads from wool roving turning them into earrings and necklaces. But this needle felting, I was intrigued.
I tried a flower and realized it is painting with wool on wool. The flower is inspired by the colors of fall and the flowers growing in the garden. I added a blue border all around the purse. There is a sunflower on the reverse side.
After needlefelting, we made some paper. I had a batch of Scott toliet paper and some very strong tea bags from Nova Scotia in the paper bucket. The pulp had only been in the water for about three days. Notice the edges of the paper, that is tea color.
The pulp was sage green. Amazing since the toliet paper was white and the tea was dark brown. Towards the end of the paper batch, I added some confetti and glitter.
Seemed to be just the right background for the felted purse, a sheet of handmade paper on piece of felt.
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  1. the flower stands out nicely against the black background. I have always wanted to make paper, but thing it is too messy and time consuming. Your paper is delicate looking in the background of the purse. I like the idea of confetti and glitter. Any "easy" recipe for paper making?

  2. the best recipe is just do it..and it is messy. I wear an apron and have it down to a simple process of an hour from start to hanging the felts. Now, clean up, well, it does take a few minutes.