Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Day to Vote

Wisps of clouds creating the beginning of a new day. Just a snippet of the sky blue pink appearing between the two mountains.
Polls have already opened here. County schools are closed so that the schools become places to VOTE. Our family takes voting seriously. We VOTE at all elections. I grew up in a political family. You voted, you put signs in your yard, you worked for canidates, and talked politics all year long. I vote, my children vote, and my husband votes. I remember when the kids were little, they came along to the polls. I would take them with me as I closed the curtains and let them pull the levers.
Today, I will drive to town hall. It will be a political flurry of activity outside the polls. Inside the gym, I will stand in the alphabetical line.
Give my name, speak to folks. This is a small town. Then, I will vote. Wear my vote sticker and appreciate being able to vote.
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