Friday, November 26, 2010

Open Studio Preparation

Home from Bright Friday shopping, getting ready for the Open Studio on December 1. The mirror reflects the variety of creative projects going on in the studio. The sewing area which you can not see is covered in fabric and mixed media projects in stages. The vanity holds my jewelry. The ring box is filled with antique button rings. The glass plates are etched with dragonflies on the bottom. The glass plate filled with glass jewelry creates a candy like holiday feeling. Just a bit more cleaning, a bit more creating, and it will be December 1. Going to add some decorations, especially glittered stars. Bringing a little holiday magic..
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  1. Carol,
    Your studio is filled with color, creativity, and such positive energy. How wonderful.... thank you for sharing, and best of luck on your Open Studio. Truly magical in the mountains. <3