Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life in a Sea Sponge

The small sea sponge is one I purchased while visiting my brother in Florida. He was a wonderful guide for the area. He took me to a place where we had been as children. My father liked to visit places advertised on the billboards. This trip as to see a sponge diver who dived to the bottom of the ocean bringing up sponges. We all got on the boat after he paid for the trip. A man suited up in a diving suit that seemed to be from 24,00 Leagues Under the Sea the older Disney version. Putting on the heavy helmet, he went over the side of the boat. He came right back up with a sponge in his hands. The boat took us back, where we had the opportunity to purchase sponges in many sizes.
I saw many shops selling sponges for a variety of prices. Being a selective shopper, always looking to save a penny, I purchased a bag of natural sea sponges. I have them in a plastic container over the sink in the studio. I use them to sponge paint. Today, I was sponging a tag for a round robin from the Charmsters group. I felt a piece of acrylic paint on my smock, I pulled it off. I started cleaning the sponge when I felt a bump. Thinking, it was a clump of paint, I worked it out. Imagine my surprise when a shell emerged. I continued to feel around the sponge looking for bumps. As you can see, I found a few. They are very tiny, but perfect in shape and size. Feeling somewhat scentific after this, I am wondering what might be inside some of the other sponges. Nature always a surprise.
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  1. Wow, so very cool. What treasures lie below the surface, unseen.