Monday, February 21, 2011

Pressed Flowers

While waiting for spring, I went to the flower press. It was in the art house, a storage building in the back yard. Inside the press were flowers I had pressed sometime ago. The blue one is lobelia and the pale pink is a poppy. I have been pondering making some pressed flower jewelry.
I ordered these cabochons from a person I have purchased charms and bails from on Etsy. They appear copper or rose gold.
I made the first one with queen anne's lace and lavender with no background, just flowers. One with handmade paper and a small johnny jump up or viola, and then I got a little more creative. The lobelia has a printed paper with random writing in who knows what language.
The poppy is on a dictionary page which defines flower. The glass dome enlarges the words.
To finish the jewelry, I am going to make some satin cords.
Grey skies gliding over the mountains this morning. Mists hanging in the air.
I found one small yellow johnny jump up this morning. In a week, it will find a home in a pressed flower pendant.
Circle your calendars. I am going to be the artist of the week at the Clinch Mountain Arts and Crafts gallery April 18 in Gate City, Va.
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