Thursday, May 5, 2011

Open Studio Takes Courage

I am an artist who lives in the mist of the magical mountains. The view of the mountains is alive with spring. Every so often I get an idea to have an open studio. I thought, why not when the flowers are blooming. Have a garden stroll, make tea, and share what I am creating.
For me, this takes a lot of courage. Marketing is not something I do very well. When I worked in human services and education ,I was a fantastic advocate. With community support , I created and directed some nonprofit programs for the area which continue to provide services.
I have always been an artist. Many years ago, making paper was a passion. It is a joy to make paper, putting my hands into the pulp and feeling the flow before felting. Then, the surprise of a piece of paper. Glass, oh my, fused glass is a passion. I am learning so much and keep pushing the limits. At seven, my parents brought home a piano. Well, my hands still play across the keys of both the piano and the organ. Okay, I admit it, I sing in the church when I practice. As soon I realized a pencil made marks or a stick in the mud, I was off and writing and drawing.
Sharing my studio with the world is like opening up myself. So with courage, I am being FEAR-LESS.
and a little anxious.
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  1. I can relate to what you wrote ~ i am great at 'marketing other people' and not so great at promoting myself ~ Hope it went well for you? Let me know ~ Love the necklace that you made ~ do you sell on Etsy? ^_^