Sunday, October 2, 2011

Leaving the Castle

The Castle has its own sanctuary, well, church. Services are held each week. This is the door leading out from the sanctuary. For the tour of the castle, it led us to the path which eventually led us to

the Giant's Well. There is of course a story to go along with this. Giants and although we did not see any, there were probably faeries hiding somewhere among the flowers.

The tide had covered the stone path. There was only one way back. We paid this boatman to take us to the parking lot. We walked down these stone steps to the boat. Having paid, we were on our way back to Penzance.

Wonder how many trips he makes each day from the castle to the land. Remember this was where we had walked a few hours earlier. It is now completely covered by the sea.
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  1. So interesting.... surprising that you were flooded out on your way back!