Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 30

What a difference a day makes! The tips of the mountains have a layer of snow. It is as if they are covered in vanilla frosting. It is turning cold. The animals must be aware of the temperature change. The squirrels have been at the feeder most of the day. When they leave, the birds come in flocks.
I found amaryllis bulbs at Lowe's this year. I bought just the bulb and planted four. The first one has the longest leaves you have ever seen. The second one bloomed with leaves first and just began a bulb. Wondering if I was going to have a flower for Christmas, I found this double bloomer creeping out of the box when we picked up our new hot water heater. There were lots of flowers creeping out the boxes. In less than a week, the red color is beginning to unfurl. I noticed a leaf coming out of the other bulb.
Soon, there will be red flowers blooming with snow on the mountains.

I have no idea why the photo showed up when I sent it and then it was gone. Seems to be happening more often than not. The photo is on December 1...Sorry about this

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