Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Woven Glass Plate

This is actually a nine inch square plate with a clear glass bottom.

It was a scary but interesting piece for me to create. I just decided to to it.

I cut the purple rainbow glass into strips. I put some strips on top of the clear glass. Then, I put some purple rainbow glass strips on top of the purple glass. The result the first time was, I cut the glass much wider than the kiln shelf. The third time, I got everything right. It took a bit to get the glass on straight, well, somewhat straight. First fusing was to fuse the three layers together. Second fusing was to slump the glass over the plate mold. The third fusing, which I have yet to do will be to fire polish. Basically, grind the rough edges from the plate with a glass grinder using lots of water.

The woven glass plate is sitting atop a watercolor sheet of paper with five layers of paint upon it waiting for the next layer and to be made into a calendar for March 2012.

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