Monday, November 19, 2012

New Art

 Malachite and turquoise with a copper dragonfly create a birthday present for someone who works with her hands. Malachite is said to enlighten creativity, confidence, heal a heart, and provide protection. Turquoise harmonizes with malachite. I added a copper dragonfly to represent celebration of this moment. The necklace has a copper swirly clasp.
 This piece is just out of the glass kiln. The black lines represent the mountains flowing across the earth. Between the two pieces of glass is an embedded wire hanger. If you are interested in this hanging in your window, just let me know.
The mountains are crisp today with cool weather. The flowers have faded as the cold mornings have left heavy frost. I have been creating simple flowers on fused glass and thinking about adding some glass paint as detail. I'll post the results.

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