Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Abundance Stones

Abundance Stones Every so often, I feel very blessed and creatively inspired. The abundance stones which are now for sale on the blog came about as a creative collaboration. A group of us were reading the Prosperous Heart by Julia Cameron. The more I read, the more I reflected upon how we are all filled with abundance, but we so often forget. I made a few of these fused glass abundance stones. I gave one to a friend. She placed it on her table where she is reminded every day of how special she is. Another went to someone in Northern Virginia who keeps it in her pocket. Just this evening, another was given and the person held it softly in her hand. She looked at the hearts and read the saying. Each one held the stones and smiled. This has been such a nice experience to see people feeling good. I hope you enjoy the video created, which you can see with the tab abundance stones on the blog. ~

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