Monday, April 29, 2013

A Walk in the Garden After the Rain ~
 When the sun came out this late April afternoon, I thought I would take the camera for a walk around the gardens. I admit, there were a lot more than these photos taken. The iris are the only ones in bloom and they were hiding under the butterfly bush right next to the angel's trumpet stem from last year. Little bits of raindrops are still held on the purple petals.
 Further down the back of the mountain, I have made a faery garden with a few little faeries in the mist of all the plants. We will need to repair the faery house this summer as well. For now, the columbine are blooming in both red and blue.
 I feel so lucky to have these wild daisies blooming in clusters all over the yard. And, Ray mows the grass around them. One little violet, a nice purple wild violet is right in the mist of the daisies.
 May apples are on the edge of the yard and all over the woods this time of year. If you lift them up, there is a small white apple shaped flower almost ready to bloom.
 Right at the edge of the studio, there are the only johnny jump ups or violas in the yard. I believe there is a rabbit that likes to eat these and ate a flat of them this fall. The day lilies were purchased last year at the Southwest Virginia Museum plant sale. Wonder what color they will be?
 A Japanese painted fern was able to push its way up through the Japanese anemone. Come dig some of these fall flowers from my gardens and take them to your garden! They are everywhere and they will be very tall with beautiful pink flowers in the fall.
 This was a surprise. It is a very nice color blue, but I can't tell you the name of this beauty.
 A few weeks ago, I bought two of these little carnations from Lowe's for less than a dollar each. They didn't look this nice on the clearance rack, but a little rain and a little attention and they look great!
The clouds are still overcast and soft gentle mists of rain continues to fall today. The birds are really busy at the feeders this time of year. We have two female red breasted grosbeaks they have come with their mates to our mountain home. It is going to be a spring to remember!

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