Thursday, April 11, 2013

Poetry for Thursday

Mountain Moments

Sunshine warms my heart
Spiraling with emotions
Blankets of feelings cascade
Over me
While rainbows dance
Across the warm wood studio floor

Mountain  earth eagerly takes
Each seed I saved from last season
Covering them with rich compost
Gardens filled with yellows of daffodils
Stems drooping from snow
Hyacinths cover the hillside
Wild violets blanket the yard

Robin finding bits and pieces
To build their nest in the holly tree
Squirrel finding its way to the suet
Cowbirds arrived in time for Easter
Goldfinches turning bright golden

A garden walk in the spring
Brings something new
Bursting from the soil
Finding lots of worms
Where there had been none

While the sun shines
My fingers dance across the keys
In silence
In solitude ~

1 comment:

  1. As I read your words, the images appear as if in a video. So lovely is your world. Thank you for sharing.