Sunday, June 2, 2013

Creative Thursday and Commitment: Making earrings everyday ~
It all started with an online book group. Athena and I were committing to finishing a book together. It  was so much fun, that we decided to read another book together. After several artist friends mentioned  the book Creative Thursday by Marisa Anne, we agreed that this would be our choice for a second book.
 This is such a wonderful, fun book that we are now on chapter four. For me, it was difficult to make an intention. This has been a nebulous concept,after a few tries, I came up with one. I committed to making art every day. I posted awhile ago, that I would be making a pair of earrings every day.
 These are just a few of the earrings I have been making. I decided to use what I had in the studio rather than purchasing a lot of new beads. I did purchase sterling silver ear wires. This I discovered is not always the best thing to do online. I ordered several pairs at an exceptional price from a place I had not ordered from before and can't use them, they are so flimsy.
These are earrings that I will be selling at the Farmer's Market in Norton, Virginia on Tuesday evening. It has  been very soothing to sit down and create earrings each day. I often make more than one pair. Lately, I have been creating at least three pairs each day. The cards for the earrings are punched from cardstock paper. I use a small hole punch and insert the earwires. Each earring has rubber earring holder. 
Marisa Anne has the most wonderful paintings in her book. I kept sketching this faery bunny. While teaching two elementary students using acrylics and canvas, I began this painting. I finished it the same day. She is such an inspiration. And as the title says, " everyday inspiration to grow your creative practice." Thank you!


  1. How gorgeous your fae-bunny is! I likey the look of the book - off to go check it out on Amazon now :)

  2. This book will make you smile and create. It is simply filled with the joy of life.