Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Greenhouse and Gardens Growing ~
 Our greenhouse is securely attached to the foundation and to the house. Ray finished the greenhouse last night. He had some help this weekend from our friend Mark and our son Ethan. It was like a giant puzzle with all the parts coming together to create this wonderful structure. Herbs cover the base of the greenhouse along with a butterfly plant. It started as a cutting.
 The small hydrangea was planted about a week ago. I happened upon a 75% off sale at Lowe's. It seems to like its new home. The yellow of the evening primrose are so vibrant this time of year.
 There are five hydrangeas planted in the back yard. When we visited England several years ago, we went to many gardens. I saw a hillside covered in this flowering bushes and thought, I can create this. This beauty will soon be covered in blue flowers. While taking the photos, I dodged bees and butterflies.
 The door of the greenhouse is tall enough for me to walk in without bending over. It is to the left. The greenhouse also has a ceiling window that opens. It gets pretty warm in there this time of the year.
When you plant wild geraniums in a shaded spot, I found they spread. The color of the flowers seem to glow  with a lovely lavender. I will be digging out a few of these beauties along with some Japanese anemone. If you would like some, just let me know.

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