Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rain, Rain, and Rain ~
 According to the rain gauge, we have had over nine inches of rain since the first of June. According to the resident weather person, that is more than ten feet of snow. The sun is playing a game of hide and seek.
The angel trumpet is beginning to open under the grey clouds. By the early evening, there will be four large white flowers blooming. These are the fireworks in the flower world. Opening and then fading away, one evening of delight.
 I ventured outside today on the Fourth of July to work with the many iris that had been gifted to me by a friend. While in the greenhouse, the rain began to come down hard. When the iris dry, I will create a new garden bed just for them. The echinechea which are pictured above are right in front of the green house. The grass, the plants, the herbs, and the flowers enjoy all the rain. They are growing so quickly. The mountains are so lush that the trees seem like velvet.
The bronze fennel sparkles with the raindrops. It was a volunteer. The seeds of fennel can create what seems like a hundred more plants. I dug up one plant and the roots were as long as a large carrot. I will share more photos of the changes in the gardens next week and hopefully the sun will begin to recover from her games of hide and seek.
Happy Fourth of July to you and yours!!!!

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