Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Lovely Place to Live is July in the Mountains ~
 July is an amazing time in the mountains. It is the ending of the day lily season here in my garden. The first lilies are the orange ones that seem to grow on sides of the roads as well as in gardens. The yellow lily I discovered while helping to deadhead lilies at the Cancer Center Garden is fragrant. She smells very nice.
 The double ruffled lily came from a garden sale at the Southwest Virginia Museum in Big Stone Gap.
 This red orange lily also came from the museum. You never know what the lily will be until they bloom.
 Plumbago from last year was something I just waited to see what would happen. They begin like a weed but bloom with several large blossoms. Just bought two on clearance at Lowe's this afternoon which will find a home right next to the two red violet plumbagoes. Isn't that a fun word: plumbago.
                        These are smaller lilies and bloom two or more at a time on the same stem.
      This lily came from a day lily farmer who sold day lilies at the farmer's market three years ago.
                  Second year for this calla lily to bloom. Next year there will be two of these blooming.
                             Glads come back year after year in the garden next to the rain barrel.
 The newest garden in our yard is the volunteer sunflower garden. The sunflower bird feeder is above the many sunflowers growing in this garden. I removed the earth to transplant perennials, plant marigold seeds, and purchase a few new plants.
 Foxglove blooming next to the greenhouse is one of many to bloom. The plants came from Four Seasons Greenhouse in Big Stone Gap.The Greenhouse is operated by Wise County Behavioral Health Services providing jobs to adults with disabilities.

This is the bane of the herb garden: bronze fennel. It has a root like a carrot and the seeds will grow I think in concrete. This year I am cutting the flowers as soon as they emerge. The leaves are like petals of lace. Be careful with this plant. When it likes a space, it spreads.

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