Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Adventures in Fused Glass

 One of the many reasons I really enjoy creating with glass is you are never quite sure of how glass will fuse. These two pieces are from the same piece of dichroic glass. They are turned in opposite ways. The blue green on the right side of e left fused glass is the same as the red on the right fused glass piece.
 The large square is dichroic glass on black bullseye glass. The earrings are the same glass with clear glass on the top.
               These will become a necklace and earrings. Imagine these in the sunshine.
 I often will fused copper cutouts in my glass. The glass on the lower left has a bubble inside the heart. The one on the right has no bubbles. The pendant has a few bubbles. Once there was a bubble right where an eye would have been on a bird.
 This is the same piece photographed at two different angles. It was a piece of dichroic with designs in black on the glass. I recently glued it to a small copper charm. What does the design look like to you?

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