Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Dyeing

It's an annual event. 10:00 in the church parsh hall on Saturday before Easter.
Bring hard boiled eggs and some dye if you remember. We spread a vinyl cloth over the table. Got out the vinegar and read the directions from the back of the egg dye.
In went three tablespoons, I just eyeballed, the egg dye tablet, and warm water about half a cup give or take a bit. Then someone brought in some of the fancy sponge paint sparkeldly dye. I covered an egg in glue, let it almost dry, then added some dandelion leaves. It turned out kinda interesting. My hands still bear the proud colors of an easter egg dyer who is unafraid to experiment. My grandchild also has very interesting colored hands. This is a joint example of everyone sharing eggs. The majority of them went to the nursing home.
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