Monday, June 21, 2010


The hummingbirds scattered as I approached the deck. The bees stayed just until I came close to take the picture. Summer, the haze cleared from the mountains. Green tomatoes hanging heavy on the vines. Warm enough to wear short and sandals, well, drippy smarmy hot at times.
The vine is a scarlet runner bean. I planted the seeds in peat pots, then put them into a large pot with a shepherd's crook on it. The shepherd's crook is held in the pot with mountain rocks from the yard and lots of dirt.
Planting daylilies from the sale of historical plants at the Museum, I continued to dig up small fossils. The larger ones I use to border plants. Amazing to think that where I am now digging was once covered in sea water.
Mountains alive with greens and greens. Yesterday I saw mountain laurels blooming in someone's yard. A good time to cool off in a stream or ponder life with a tall glass of iced tea.
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