Wednesday, August 11, 2010

creating with granny

My seven year old grandchild is staying with us for a few days before we leave for our annual family beach vacation. She has spent her kindergarten through second grade attending an art charter school called ArtSpace outside of Asheville, North Carolina.
She is an exceptional artist for her young years.
While I am in the studio creating, she likes to design her own glass jewelry. These two pieces were two she created. She choose the green dichrotic and then wanted the second layer to be dichrotic confetti. Cut just so that it covered the green glass. The ring is a base layer of a deep blue, her favorite color. Then a wonderful dichrotic that is textured and seems to be of an infinite layer. I suggested that she add just a little bit of red to the center. She thought for a long time. She placed the glass in different configurations finally deciding that a little bit of red would be okay. Still she was not sure.
I fused the glass with some pieces I made that did not turn out as well as these. You just never know about this process. She choose a gold heart shape bail for the pendant. The ring was already decided upon.
With a little help from Granny, she goes home with two original Maggie creations.
Art is so powerful. Creation is definitely a soul celebration journey
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  1. Beautiful work - kudos to Maggie and to her granny for such creative encouragement.