Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Morning Light

Rising early, I noticed the black sky begin to change to a dark blue. The mountains were beginning to wake. The morning light was beginning to creep. In this time between dark and light, the pink of the day will quickly appear. It changes within a minute from rose to pink to the white pink of daylight. A large pink cloud to the right of the trees began to break apart. It reminded me of a wave gathering energy before it came to the edge of the shore. Small pink snippets of cloud floated across the sky as the dog begin to howl. They started low then all through the valley was the sound of dogs calling to each other. The echoes seemed to encourage them to continue to greet each other.
As I marveled at morning light, a female hummingbird came to perch on the feeder directly across from me. We watched each other. Her beak is quite long and just curved a snippet. Her head was turning as quickly as the clouds were flowing. A male cardinal was at the base of the feeder. He did not stay but flew quickly into the woods where I could hear the cheeps of the cardinals.
Nothing like morning light in the mountains...
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