Friday, September 17, 2010

Stars in the Sky

After coming home from a rainy drive down the mountain roads, I went straight into the studio. Lately my fusing with copper foil has been less than satisfactory. In fact, a bird in flight turned out like a abstract expressionist stroke on a canvas. I carefully placed each little star on the glass flattening it out. I added a piece of clear glass with just a smidggen of confetti. Placed it altogether like a sandwich on a piece of kiln paper. In it went all by itself. A while later, I removed it from the kiln to place it into the blanket to cool. Surprise, it was a night sky filled with copper stars. I was so excited, I carried it carefully in my gloves to show Ray who was reading. It did get his attention. The piece is pretty large for fused glass. This morning, I cut out smaller pieces of glass adding copper foil to the three pieces.
They all fused pretty close to perfect. Sometimes, you just gotta keep trying.
Rainbows are dancing across the studio floor. The sunlight came out from behind the clouds. A little natural magic in the studio...
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  1. This is lovely, Carol. A little natural magic in the studio, for sure. ;)