Friday, September 3, 2010

Yard Sale Furniture

Here it is one of two pieces I bought at a yard sale for fifty dollars. The other piece has a large round mirror and is definitely a vanity dresser. Today, I found an old wood chair for five dollars that is the perfect size for the dresser. The next steps will be to art up the furniture. This for me is a real drastic thing to do. I grew up in a family where both my grandparents and parents were in the furniture business. I spent my youth in the furniture store. I learned to stand between two dressers with mirrors until I found infinity. A real neat trick if you are about eight years old. I continued to look a lot longer after eight.
The latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors studios was recent purchase. All those studios and all those ideas. I have a studio that is incredible. The dresser and chest of drawers was purchased to hold my jewelry and jewelry supplies. I found that when I had an open studio, women wanted to see what they looked like wearing the jewelry.
Until Merlin came, there was a mirror in the studio. The day he arrived, he looked into the mirror which happened to be sitting on the floor. He sniffed, he growled, and he barked at his own reflection. A few hours later, I heard a crash. The mirror was on the floor with several cracks across the glass.
If anyone has any suggestions, ideas, techniques for arting up furniture, I am open to hearing about them. I do have bird drawer pulls for the vanity. Thinking a polka dotted seat for the chair or maybe something really many ideas.
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  1. I LOVE arting up oldfurniture! That tall chest of drawers I'd paint midnight blue loosely over deep royal blue and hit it with a fine steel wool after it dried to make the blues deep, then spatter silver and white 'stars' with an old bristly brush. A few scattered spatters of green, blue and red would pop! And a deep clearcoat for shine.