Sunday, August 29, 2010

skeleton leaf and orange glass

Several weeks ago, I found two skeleton leaves nestled in a pile near the car.
Nearby was a bird's feather and some dried fungi. I brought them all into the studio, being somewhat of a collector of interesting things. This can be an acquired habit, but I think it is programmed into my DNA. My father was a collector's collector.
The red orange glass is streaked with yellow waves. It came sad to say, completely broken in an interesting wavy pattern direct from the company. I looked at the colors and decided to make a few pieces out of the glass. It is triple layered. The base being the red orange bulleye and then a small dicrotic that tends to take on a layered look with a smaller piece of a clear thick dicrotic.
I used some kiln paper that made all the edges sharp. The second firing of several small pieces I used my regular thin paper. No sharp edges on all the smaller pieces which will become earrings and charms.
The glass, leaf and fungi are sitting atop a box. One of those remarkable finds at Michaels that was very inexpensive.
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