Thursday, August 26, 2010


I feel like a sleep deprived new parent. We have a new family member, Merlin. He came to live with us on Tuesday. He is from our local animal advocacy shelter group: PAWS.
It has been twenty years or so since we had a dog. I took this picture a few hours after he arrived. This immediately set him into howling. He is an excellent howler. Maybe he is part hound dog. I put the camera down forgetting to turn it off. Thank goodness
for rechargeable batteries. I had an appointment and left Merlin home by himself. A little destruction followed, so when I went to the Farmer's Market, Merlin went with me for a ride in the car. I later found out Merlin nor I understand how to properly handle a dog leash. We survived. I came home with lovely tomatoes. For the past two days, Merlin has shadowed me. He also howls between 2 and three oclock in the morning. I get up and let him out fearing a dog puddle somewhere. It takes a bit for him to calm down.
Today after vacuming, he christened the Ikea carpet in the studio. This was after he took a nice stroll by himself at 6:00 a.m. for 45 minutes. Life is different in our household since Merlin came to stay. We expect with time he will work his magic. Maybe he already has.
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