Friday, October 15, 2010


Did you ever spend time looking at the clouds, wondering what shapes a cloud will take? This morning as the sun was trying so hard to rise with all the cloud cover, I looked out the window to see these lucious shapes. It is the time of morning where the soft colors of the day begin to emerge. The time when if you hesitate the colors are gone. This was one of those photos that didn't need to be cropped, just let it speak for itself.
As for art, today according to the weather was to be a sunny day. A bucket of pulp sits waiting. I added some black paper and it turned a yucky grey black. As I was cleaning out the art storage area, I found some of my first batches of paper. They are over 15 years old. I took all the yellow with the carnations embedded in them. Added them to the bucket and now the pulp resembles the outline of the trees.
I made some gemstone earrings and a necklace yesterday as I fused glass. There is a local community art show coming up. It will be my first show to sit for hours from 9 - 3. My daughter and I will be sharing a table. Trying to think outside the box to create something a little different and affordable for the show.
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  1. lovely clouds, yes, I look at the sky and the clouds every day and wonder at their beauty..still remember their names from high school science class: nimbus, cumulonimbus, stratus, etc.