Friday, December 10, 2010

Creating in the Studio

Margaret Gregg gifted me with her silkscreened bloom where you are planted. I knew exactly what to add to the cotton print. I got out my snow dyed fabric from last winter to create this banner. Stitched up a small quilt design with room for a dowel or stick from the yard to hang. It is a gift for my grandchild, Maggie.
Laying on the banner are two cat glass fused pieces. The green one on the left is wishing on the first star of the evening. The cat on the left satisfied to be outside is looking up at two stars. Just out of the blanket, ready to add some bails. One will be sent to a friend in Northern Virginia. One will stay and will find a home wherever there is someone who believes in wishing upon stars.
If you are that someone and would like to purchase fused glass jewelry, simply leave a message or email me.
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