Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

Today was the day for taking down the Christmas decorations. The Magi came on the 6th. Wrapping fragile ornaments, boxing the claydough ornaments made by the children many years ago, bubble lights wrapped carefully, and then Ray struggled with the tree.
He also carted the two boxes of Christmas China, a gift from a friend. A complete set for eight people decorated in red and green.
Hesitantly, I took the two gingerbread houses from their places. My daughter in law Cherie and grandchild Maggie were the food artists.
I found I do not have the patient for fondant icing. Cherie, however, is a baker. I especially liked the peppermint candy chimney.
They seem very comfortable in the snow. The birds have not yet been interested in them.
The spirit of Christmas remains as the attic has long been closed.
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