Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow on the mountains

Time to play with a some effects on Picassa. The mountains are completely covered in silver grey snow showers. The snow is riding on the wind. Icicles are forming. Birds have gathered on the roof. Our resident flock of mourning doves hungry for the bird seed. I try to count the juncos, but they flit so quickly. I walk to the glass windows to see the mourning doves. There are so many they have taken to sitting on the snow covered bird bath. I walk closer and they fly. I have often thought that artists might have created angel's wings from watching doves fly. They sit now on the branches of the trees all puffed out, waiting.
The school children of our county have not been to school since December 22. It is predictable that they will not be going tomorrow.
We have had an abundance of snow and it keeps on falling.
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