Thursday, January 27, 2011


There they were in the after Christmas clearance section of Target in Kingsport, Smith & Hawken paper whites in red ceramic pots for the incredible price of $2.50. I read the instructions. I kept them downstairs in the tile shower which is cool for two weeks. Brought them upstairs and in two weeks, they began to bloom!
Yesterday we had winter storm warnings. I started taking photographs of the snow every hour. It came down like a soft rain shower most of the day. A light dusting like the dusting of sugar on top of a cake is how the snow stayed.
The paper whites are home in front of the ponsettias which came from the Chrismas Eve service at the church. The altar was line with these beauties. Frankly, I am amazed they have stayed so red, rich and vibrant. They are on the floor next to the sliding glass doors leading to the deck. This winter it has become a greenhouse corner right next to the dining room table. It is a wonderful place to sit and be still.
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