Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tulips in the Winter

It was one of those winter days when the sun refuses to shine. Snow had covered the ground for so long, that I began to wonder when we would see the earth. Amazingly, the day I volunteered to help in the kindergarten class teaching collage and the after school program with origami, the sun shone for a little bit melting the snow.
I went outside feeling the joy of the sunshine, checking the bluebirds houses, and putting my hands into the dirt. The sun then went behind a cloud. One of those thick winter silver grey clouds that hides the sun.
After being at the elementary school, I traveled up to the grocery store. Mentioning no names as we have few choices here. There they were. Tulips nestled in the cut flower section. I bought the red yellow orange bunch. Brought them home, separated into three vases. Only a few days later and I put them into the refrigerator at night, they opened up full bloom. This beauty is next to the computer as I write.
I have the petals from all her sisters drying so that I can use them in the newest batch of paper pulp. It lifts my heart amid the dreary days of winter to have a flower in bloom sitting right beside me. What is that quote, If winter comes, can spring be far behind?
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