Friday, February 18, 2011

Stones, Gravel, and Backwards

I recently printed out a quote from Kindness Matters which says Creativity comes to those who seek it. The focal point of this pin is a piece of glass that is backwards. The green glittery piece fused within the clear dichroic glass was fused backwards. There are layers of glass on the front. The back seemed so much more interesting. I kept the piece on the studio table looking at it. Last night, I just decided to glue it to the pin back. I pulled out a drawer filled with stones. They are little nuggets of various stones with turquoise at the base. I simply put them randomly on a large T pin then wire wrapped them to the pin.
This morning, I decided to photograph the piece. I walked around the yard trying to decide a good background. There is was right outside the studio door some gravel poured to begin the driveway. One of those major home projects to be accomplished this spring.
The light, what light, the sun was hiding behind clouds. The light was very diffused. The glow of the glass is kinda amazing.
Creativity...something for all of us to seek.
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