Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bee in the moment

On Saturday, I created this new pendant. The bee charm sat on my drawing table waiting. I downloaded a free pattern for making a pendant with chain woven into chaing. I began to weave small black chain into a larger black silver grey chain. The small chain would slip between my fingers. I tried again and it would go through the chain and then slip out. I finished the 16 inches and realized the piece was going to be too short. I used some Vintjae wire to wire the rose quartz beads and a Vintjae finding to connect the quartz to the chain. I was attempting to close a jump ring when my chain nose pliers slipped out of my hand. I realized the pliers had become so worn that they would not grab, well hold onto the jump ring. Be in the moment I told myself as the second six inches of chain kept slipping through my fingers. Even the stones I had chosen did not want to be together, I replaced five small rhodite for the large pink stone. It was as if the pendant knew what was needed and I just had to stop, reflect, and leave the pendant on the studio table.
Coming back several hours later, I completed this pendant.
Bee in the Moment, a friend emailed as I sent her a picture of the pendant. Making me realize, how important it is to breathe deeply and just bee.
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