Friday, February 11, 2011

Never try this

I admit it, I am always experiementing with fused glass. What you see here is before it went into the kiln. What you do not see nor smell is the result. The bottom layer is red dichrotic glass. I had some paper, clip art of the head of a woman. I thought why not put the paper under glass and see if it will fuse. There were a few shards of glass to decorate. Things started out pretty good. Low firing, short time. But when I went to full I heard a sound and smelled something terrible. I looked to see flames shooting up. I turned off the microwave and thought I have burned everything up. There was no more fire. It was a short flame spurt, enough to make me think fire department. Good thing my husband does not read my blog posts.
Anyway, the good news is, the microwave still works. The kiln is fine. The piece was broken into four pieces with charred remains of the paper attached to the clear glass. And I will never ever, never ever try paper unless it is kiln paper.
I think all in all I am pretty lucky.
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