Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines in the Studio

The other night a few women gathered in the studio to make Valentines for the folks at the nursing home. I sewed up sheets of cornet music then rubber stamped the heart on the valentine bag. This lovely heart shaped glass bowl was a gift. I filled it up with Hershey's kisses and put a few into the Valentine bag. The kisses will sit in the studio until a chocolate lover comes to nibble. I sadly am not able to eat luxurious dark or milk chocolates. The rainbow catcher is one of the new items at the Gallery in Wise. I make them out of prisms that are the best rainbow makers, found them in an Asheville bead store called Chevron Beads. The crystals beads were from a friend. There are seed beads formed in the shape of a heart, but you could change the shape of the entire rainbow catcher. I wire the prism and beads to form the rainbow catcher. Today the sun in shining and there are a gazillon rainbows dancing in the studio.
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