Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Swaying in the Wind

The wind is whippety tucking around, into, over, and among the mountains. I am always amazed when the trees begin to dance in the wind. These tall beauties sway and throw their limbs every which a way as the wind blows. The dance of the trees is really amazing to watch.
Last night the wind howled so fiercely the electricity went out. Came back on. Bird feeders are taken down to keep from flying off the deck.
This morning silver grey winter clouds and the wind created a day that reminds us nature is awesome.
Getting a bit nippy out there as well.
The wind will throw out all the old branches. Creating places for the new ones to grow as the sap begins to rise. Cleaning house, nature whirls and wheezes.
Come to the mountains to see the swaying of the trees...
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