Sunday, March 6, 2011

Snow and Daffodils

This morning, we woke to snow. The flakes seemed like they were two inches. Large wet snow falling and falling and falling.
These yellow primroses were a gift from the merchant at the Flea Market garden area in Abingdon. I planted them in the bright sunshine on Friday along with three mums. Then the rains came yesterday and today snow. It is still snowing.
I walked down the hill to check on the daffodils this morning. As you can see, their heads are drooping, but with a little sunshine, up they come. The in house weather person says it will be in the fifties tomorrow. The photo below is the yard as it looked in the morning. It is a pretty snow laying bundles in the crevices of the trees. The dogwoods are about to pop with blossoms. The snow covers the grey brown branches. Can you see the large white spots? It's the snow falling in front of the camera lense.
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