Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Charmsters Nature Necklace

I am a member of a yahoo group named Charmsters. I remember joining and the first swap. It must have been 52 charms with a Valentine theme. I was all thumbs and trying to figure out how to close a jump ring. I had help from a friend. A year or so passed, I participated in my first Charmsters round robin. I created a necklace with a focal point. I mailed it to a Charmster. She added to the necklace and almost a year later it came home. When they posted another round robin necklace or bracelet, I signed up.
Each month when I received the jewelry, I would put it in a special place in the studio. Suprised looks of awe and wonder as family and friends saw the jewelry. Questions, comments, and then stories would begin. With this round robin, I created a soft pouch for the necklace and a journal. Each artist wrote their own story sharing their design for their charm.
I will post another picture as two of the charms decided to turn around.
A special thank you to the Charmsters artists for creating such a gorgeous,memorable work of art.
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